• UCM Closing Due to Coronavirus
    In response to the expanding COVID-19 pandemic, we have some changes to announce in UCM’s staffing and operation: Starting this week and until further notice, Thursday Supper will be offered as a take-out option; Saturday Lunch has been canceled until further notice. Guests at the meal can expect distribution of some of UCM’s store of … Continue reading UCM Closing Due to Coronavirus
  • A Prayer for MLK Day 2020
    On January 20, UCM Executive Director Rev. Evan Young delivered a prayer at the beginning of the 20th annual MLK Silent March at Ohio University. It was an extemporaneous and heartfelt prayer, and it has taken us some time to find a recording and transcribe it for sharing. We’re indebted to Athens NEWS Associate Editor … Continue reading A Prayer for MLK Day 2020
  • Transformative Social Justice Work and Ecumenical/Interfaith Campus Ministry
    One of the great challenges of doing social justice work in the present age is that the pace of our information economy undermines the spiritual discipline of memory. In the 24-hour news cycle that increasingly defines our experience, today’s news effectively displaces and erases yesterday’s news, and renders us both rootless and directionless. As the … Continue reading Transformative Social Justice Work and Ecumenical/Interfaith Campus Ministry
  • On the Day After the 2018 Election
    The temptation to engage with politics as political theater, to see oneself as primarily a spectator in the political process, is strong. And we’re encouraged to do so by moneyed interests and the media they control. I know that at times I’ve succumbed to that temptation—and that those times have felt significantly less empowering than … Continue reading On the Day After the 2018 Election
  • On the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting
    Rev. Evan Young, Campus Minister Like you, I am horror-struck by the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh this past weekend. Heart-sick, dismayed that such a thing happened, could happen, anywhere in this country but particularly in a city and community I’ve visited and loved, where people I know and love are reeling and hurting and grieving … Continue reading On the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting
  • (no title)
    On “trans*” This week began with news of an ongoing effort within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to roll back recognition of and protection for trans* people under federal civil rights law, by defining “sex” as either male or female (i.e., binary), unchangeable, and determined by the genitals a person is born … Continue reading
  • (no title)
    On the Approaching Election Rev. Evan Young, Executive Director In this election season, there’s something I want to make sure to say to you. Voting is highly recommended.  Not because it’s the be-all and end-all of participatory democracy, not because it’s some panacea that holds out the promise of curing all our nation’s ills. I’m … Continue reading
  • (no title)
    Melissa Wales, Executive Director, to Leave UCM After eighteen years at United Campus Ministry, and thirteen years as its Executive Director, Melissa Wales is leaving the organization at the end of September to assume the new position of Chief Operating Officer of Stuart’s Opera House in Nelsonville. “It’s been a wonderful experience serving this organization … Continue reading
  • (no title)
    Charlottesville, A Reflection by Campus Minister Rev. Evan Young The events in Charlottesville, Virginia have been front and center in our thoughts. As we prepare for the return of students to OU’s campus, we’re thinking, “Charlottesville is a college town. Like Athens.” And wondering when what happened there will come here—and what we’re going to … Continue reading
  • (no title)
    LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE TO RENT AT UCM 18 N. College St. Convenient up-town location just off Court Street and a block and a half from Ohio University. Beautiful hardwood floors and built in shelving. And the best office neighbors. AND your rent goes to support the work and mission of UCM! Approximately … Continue reading
  • (no title)
    FROM THE CAMPUS MINISTER The arrest of more than 70 students and others last Wednesday (February 1, 2017), at a peaceful protest and sit-in at Ohio University’s Baker Center, has brought home to Athens and Ohio University a deeply troubling trend in our national dialogue around race, religion, justice, and civil rights. While there may … Continue reading
  • (no title)
    UCM’S CAMPUS MINISTER REFLECTIONS ON NOVEMBER 9, 2016 I have spent much of today making the rounds and checking in with people on my campus I thought might be reeling from the results of the election, and from the responses to those results that compound the hurt they experienced during this long and bitter campaign season. … Continue reading
  • (no title)
    ANNUAL BENEFIT BASH!!!  Saturday, November 5, 6pm Athens Community Center COME DINE AND DANCE WITH UCM! MAKE YOUR RESERVATION TODAY  Email or call 740-593-7301 $40/person or more if you’re feeling inspired! $20/low-income rate Free, on-site childcare available with advanced notice. Menu includes: Jamaican Jerk Chicken w/ Spiced Orange Cream Sauce   Tofu, Tomato, Harvest Stew  Traditional … Continue reading
  • (no title)
    SATURDAY LUNCH CELEBRATES 10 YEARS!! Happy 10th Birthday, Saturday Lunch from Shannon Stewart! Click on the link above to see a very special message from former UCM intern and Saturday Lunch champion, Shannon Stewart! And here’s a special message from Saturday Lunch founder, Joe Buzzelli! Join us on October 15 at 1pm to celebrate 10 … Continue reading
  • (no title)
    UCM Campus Minister Evan Young’s closing prayer  at the June 13 Vigil in Solidarity with Orlando “We are the change we’re going to see in the world. When we love and when we hate, when we act out of fear and when we embody idealism and courage, we change the world. When we respond to … Continue reading
  • And…it’s a wrap!
    UCM INTERN APPRECIATION DINNER Front and L-R: Jennifer Kelly (Office Manager), Anna-Kaye Rowe, Lacee McKinney, Kathryn Bublitz, Rev. Evan Young (Campus Minister), Melissa Wales (Executive Director), Jackie Duffy, Aleks Tyler, Kelsey Gerard, Josh Baron and Kelli Wanamaker. It is hard to believe we’re coming up to the end of another academic year. As always, it’s … Continue reading And…it’s a wrap!
  • (no title)
    UNITED CAMPUS MINISTRY’s ANNUAL MEETING “COMMUNITIES ON CAMPUS” April 20, 2016, 5pm – 7pm 18 N. College St. Join UCM Staff, Board and Interns in wrapping up another great year of campus ministry at Ohio University!  We will present the 2016-17 Board Officers, bid farewell to outgoing Board members and welcome incoming members.  We will … Continue reading
  • 2016 Social Justice Awards
    2016 SOCIAL JUSTICE AWARDS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 6PM – 8PM AT UCM Join us in honoring the following community and student activists and organizations: TYRONE CARR KATIE CONLON LIVE HEALTHY APPALACHIA OU CLIMATE ACTION NOW TORCH CAN DO BOBBY WALKER  JOLANA WATSON AND LOIS WHEALEY will receive the Kuhre Griesinger Lifetime Award.
  • Which Lives Matter?
    Recently at Ohio University, a graffiti wall that had been painted by our Black Student Union with the message “Black Lives Matter” was painted over with a different kind of message, which you can see here. The result has been a resurgence of racial tension, an intensification of discourse around race, and renewed demands that … Continue reading Which Lives Matter?
  • This Old House
    The red brick house at 18 N. College St. has been the home to dynamic campus ministry at Ohio University since it was donated to the Westminster Foundation in 1951.  It’s within these walls that courageous and dedicated clergy, staff, community activists and students have fomented resistance to oppressive forces, agitation for social justice and … Continue reading This Old House
  • (no title)
    UCM Annual Board and Staff Retreat at the beautiful Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens! (Aug. 2015)(First row, L-R) Anna-Kaye Rowe (social media intern), Kathryn Bublitz (Social Work intern), Kelsey Gerard (Community Service intern), Kelli Wanamaker (Community Service intern), Jackie Duffy (Social Work Inter), Melissa Wales (Executive Director), Amanda Hobson (Board Secretary), Katie Dawes (Board Member), … Continue reading
  • (no title)
    Thank you, Casa Nueva for choosing United Campus Ministry as the recipient of customer tips for the month of July! Go to Casa today, and every day this month, and tip generously! You’ll enjoy a delicious, locally-sourced meal AND contribute to UCM’s work and mission! 
  • 2015 Annual Meeting
    You are invited…. United Campus Ministry’s Annual Meeting 2015 Wednesday, April 15 5:00pm – 7:00pm ArtsWest 132 W. State Street Meet the current Board of Directors  including the newly elected 2015-16 Executive Officers,  staff and interns. Celebrate our Sustainer Circle and donors. Panel conversation on current and future accomplishments including  this year’s expansion of the … Continue reading 2015 Annual Meeting
  • (no title)
    Campus Minister Evan Young facilitating interfaith reflection and dialogue with students after service project with Monday Creek Restoration Project in New Straitsville. Dear Friends of UCM, For as long as I’ve served here at UCM, I have also served other organizations–either as the part-time minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens, or as an … Continue reading
  • 9-11 Interfaith Peace Walk 2014
  • Who’s Who of Thursday Supper! Gerry Edition
    This week we interviewed Gary, Frances’ husband. 1.  What’s your name? “Gerry Lee” 2.  Where are you from? “Athens, Ohio.” 3.  What is your favorite food? “Meatloaf.” 4.  Where is you favorite place in Athens? “OU.” 5.  What do you like the most about Thursday Supper/ “Friends and good food.” 6.  What is an interesting … Continue reading Who’s Who of Thursday Supper! Gerry Edition
  • Who’s Who of Thursday Supper! Frances Edition
    As new interns at United Campus Ministry this summer, we decided that it is time to get to know more about the people who attend, volunteer and are involved with Thursday Supper. This week we are featuring Frances, a regular at Thursday Supper:1.  What’s your name? “Frances” 2.  Where are you from?“Kentucky”3.  What is your favorite … Continue reading Who’s Who of Thursday Supper! Frances Edition
  • Our Annual Holiday Letter
    Dear Friends of UCM, Really, I’d planned on a witty and entertaining holiday fundraiser, like last year and the year before. I thought I’d write a takeoff on “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” “On the first day of Christmas, my interns (or maybe donors) gave to me. . . .” But I never got that … Continue reading Our Annual Holiday Letter
  • Better Together
    So, we’re planning this Interfaith Peace Walk for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. And we send out a press release, and a reporter contacts me and says he’s doing a story about the declining level of compassion and unity in the years since 9/11 brought us all together, and can he ask me a couple … Continue reading Better Together
  • Reflections of a UCM Intern
    For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Rachel Hyden, I’m a senior at Ohio University studying public relations and I’m the PR intern for United Campus Ministry. If you follow UCM on Facebook or Twitter, you probably see my updates, and if you walk through campus and see flyers for events, … Continue reading Reflections of a UCM Intern
  • UCM Social Justice Awards!
    The Board of Directors of United Campus Ministry is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011 UCM Social Justice Awards! Join us in a ceremony and celebration of their activism and efforts to promote peace and justice in our community and beyond. Special music by Divine Covering OU gospel choir. Refreshments will be provided … Continue reading UCM Social Justice Awards!
  • To Celebrate or to Weep?
    Osama bin Laden is dead. Shot in the head by Americans during a raid on the house where he was staying in Pakistan. And I’m challenged by my faith. My own Unitarian Universalist tradition embraces the inherent worth and dignity of every person. And teaches justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.  I feel these … Continue reading To Celebrate or to Weep?
  • Interfaith Cooperation is a Must at Ohio University
    Letter to The Post and The Athens News The White House launched an Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge on March 17. President Obama’s address challenged college students and administrators to promote religious pluralism through interfaith service projects on their campuses. The president cited Ohio University’s interfaith campaign to combat water pollution as an example … Continue reading Interfaith Cooperation is a Must at Ohio University
  • Baker Peace Conference in Name Only
    Letter to the Editors of The Post and The Athens News To the Editor: I must say that as a member of the OU and Athens peace and justice community, I am very disappointed with the theme and speakers of this year’s Baker Peace Conference (held last week). Having a peace conference featuring mostly men … Continue reading Baker Peace Conference in Name Only
  • Preaching Truth to Power
    UCM’s campus minister, Rev. Evan Young, delivered the opening prayer at the Ohio House of Representatives today (April 5, 2011). “I confess to a certain ambivalence about this,” Young said, “because I’m not certain prayer belongs there. But since it is there, I think it’s incumbent on me to speak a progressive word of truth … Continue reading Preaching Truth to Power
  • Why Interfaith Impact Matters
    “I find that altogether odd and unsettling things happen to my vision as I struggle to see and hear the merciful, reconciliatory heart of religion despite riveting, better-publicized rancor. This angle of approach to the broken world resists choosing sides and accepts antithesis and contradiction as given realities much of the time. I find that … Continue reading Why Interfaith Impact Matters
  • Interfaith Impact Aims to Serve Body and Mind
    Ohio University student group Interfaith Impact is moving– not just the day and time, but moving deeper. In an effort to feed more than just the spirit, but the body too, Interfaith Impact’s new meeting day will be every Thursday at 7 p.m., giving members an opportunity to attend UCM’s weekly free meal, Thursday Supper, … Continue reading Interfaith Impact Aims to Serve Body and Mind
  • UCM gets mention in President Obama’s weekly blog!
    Last week, President Obama launched a campus interfaith initiative and in his weekly blog posting he mentioned Ohio University as one of the campuses across the country that are already working towards interfaith community! Although he doesn’t go into the specifics of what organization is spearheading the interfaith movement on Ohio University’s campus, it should be … Continue reading UCM gets mention in President Obama’s weekly blog!
  • Interfaith Action Strengthens My Commitment to My Faith
    The Kara is a steel bangle worn by male and female Sikhs. It is one of the five external articles of faith that identify Sikhs to the outside world. It is in the shape of a circle because, like the eternal Lord, it has no beginning or end. The Kara is a constant reminder to me to do God’s … Continue reading Interfaith Action Strengthens My Commitment to My Faith
  • Interfaith Action Strengthens My Commitment to My Faith
    The Kara is a steel bangle worn by male and female Sikhs. It is one of the five external articles of faith that identify Sikhs to the outside world. It is in the shape of a circle because, like the eternal Lord, it has no beginning or end. The Kara is a constant reminder to me to do God’s … Continue reading Interfaith Action Strengthens My Commitment to My Faith
  • The Social Justice Gospel
    From time to time, usually at their invitation, I sit down with representatives of one of our supporting denominations, to tell them about us and to answer their questions. And almost inevitably, one of them will ask me, “How much of your programming would you say is for social justice?” This is, on its face, … Continue reading The Social Justice Gospel
  • To Serve the Spirit
    Looking through an old photo album. Really old. And there’s a picture of my father, holding a baby that turns out to have been me. And what draws me in to the picture are his eyes as he’s looking at me. You may have seen this expression before–part joy, part fear, part awestruck responsibility, part … Continue reading To Serve the Spirit
  • The Need for Interfaith Cooperation at Ohio University
    It starts with a simple question. What if students of all faiths and traditions took action together to make this world a better place? What if religion was used as a force to unite us and not divide us, at Ohio University and throughout the world? A common value in almost all religious and philosophical … Continue reading The Need for Interfaith Cooperation at Ohio University
  • Travel with UCM to the US-Mexico border over Spring Break!
    United Campus Ministry is planning a spring break trip for Ohio University students to Tucson, Arizona March 20-27. The group will spend time with host organization Borderlinks learning about the U.S.-Mexico border issues and immigration policy. Students will have the opportunity to meet Samaritans who place drinking water in the desert, visit maquiladoras where cheap … Continue reading Travel with UCM to the US-Mexico border over Spring Break!
  • New Orleans 2010
    UCM traveled to New Orleans over Winter Break 2010 with Ohio University students who engaged in a variety of service projects. The projects were organized by the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal, with help from their partner organizations including the Gris Gris Lab, Greenlight New Orleans, Animal Rescue of New Orleans and … Continue reading New Orleans 2010
  • Kroger Plus Card to benifit UCM
    If you shop at Kroger, you can register United Campus Ministry with your Kroger Plus card online to help benefit UCM. It’s free, and this year alone UCM raised $900! Remember, you have to reenroll every April, but UCM will send you a gentle reminder in case you forget. Check your receipts when you shop, … Continue reading Kroger Plus Card to benifit UCM
  • Free Holiday Meals
    UCM’s weekly free meal program will be serving Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, November 25 at 5:30 p.m. Vegan options will be available. Saturday lunch will be available on Christmas day, Saturday, December 25, and on New Years day, Saturday, January 1 at 1:00 p.m. All meals will be served in the lower level of UCM, … Continue reading Free Holiday Meals
  • IFYC “What If? Speak In”
    What if MLK rejected Gandhi’s value of nonviolence because he was Hindu? What if we did nothing to build bridges across the faith divide? What if instead we took action together to build our global community? Prove we’re better together. Start by asking what if? Interfaith Youth Core at Ohio University will be holding a Speak In … Continue reading IFYC “What If? Speak In”
  • Annual Auction Featured Items
    On November 6 UCM will be hosting its Annual Benefit Auction, where three week-long stays at various hotspots across the states will be auctioned off for vacations in the 2011 calendar year. A cabin in Lake Hortonia, Vermont.   Enjoy a week-long stay at Stillwater cabin on the shores of Lake Hortonia, Vermont.  Stillwater is … Continue reading Annual Auction Featured Items
  • Building peace in a country at war
    On November 11, at 8:00 p.m. in Bentley Hall Room 132, Latin American Studies presents Colombian Catholic priest Fr. Jesus Alberto Franco. He will be reflecting on two decades of human rights work in the midst of deadly conflict. Father Alberto is a Colombian missionary priest and the Executive Secretary of Inter-church Justice and Peace … Continue reading Building peace in a country at war
  • Ohio Benefit Bank
    The Ohio Benefit Bank helps low and moderate-income individuals gain access to government programs targeted to benefit them. If you qualify, you could be eligible for work supports such as home energy assistance, health insurance, childcare subsidies, FAFSA, and food stamps. You can complete the paperwork for these supports with the assistance of a trained … Continue reading Ohio Benefit Bank
  • “We need to change– ourselves, and our world”
    On Wednesday, October 20, Graduate Student Senate, OU Little Monsters, Student Senate, LGBT Center, United Campus Ministry, ALLY, Open Doors and others held a candlelight vigil to remember LGBTQ teens and young adults who have committed suicide because of bullying and harassment. More than 300 people attended, and for those who could not, UCM Campus … Continue reading “We need to change– ourselves, and our world”
  • November’s just around the bend!
    The leaves may be falling and the days may be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean fall quarter is over just yet! That’s right, UCM still has two important events just around the bend! On November 6 at 6:00 p.m. we’ll be having our annual benefit auction at the Athens Community Center on East State … Continue reading November’s just around the bend!
  • UCM Annual Benefit Auction
    On Saturday, November 6 at 6:00 p.m. UCM will be hosting its Annual Benefit Auction. Join us for our most important fundraiser of the year! The event returns to the Athens Community Center and will feature both a silent and live auction (conducted by Shamrock Auction Service), live musical entertainment provided by Tom Daniels on … Continue reading UCM Annual Benefit Auction
  • Pie Bake Off Success!
    This past Sunday, UCM hosted its 1st Annual Pie Bake Off, and it was a huge success! We had 22 pie entries, over 50 people attended, and we raised more than $350 (proceeds to benefit UCM). We’d like to thank all of those who showed support in the event, especially those that baked pies. Willy … Continue reading Pie Bake Off Success!
  • 1st Annual Pie Bake Off
    This Sunday, Oct. 3, United Campus Ministry will host a Pie Bake Off and Tasting from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Community is invited to enter a homemade pie (many different category options including dessert fruit, dessert non-fruity, savory, best crust, best use of local ingredients) to be sampled by attendees. There is a $5 – $20 … Continue reading 1st Annual Pie Bake Off
  • Successful Fall Retreat? Check.
    On Saturday, September 25, Interfaith Impact members journeyed to the beautiful Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens for a fall retreat. The get-away gave veterans and new members of II a chance to bond during the overnight stay. The adventure started bright and early at 9 a.m., with an opening introduction by Melissa Wales, the Executive … Continue reading Successful Fall Retreat? Check.
  • Interfaith Impact
    UCM’s student group Interfaith Impact met for the second time this quarter on Tuesday. Over fifteen people showed up, all of whom were female until one lucky male was pulled in to the discussion. The topic this week was spirituality and sexuality, so you can imagine there wasn’t a dull moment the entire hour and a … Continue reading Interfaith Impact
  • Storm Relief
    Interested in getting involved with Athens storm/tornado recovery efforts? Call the Red Cross at 593-5273 or shoot them an email at redcross@frognet.net. You can also contact the OU Campus Involvement Center on the 3rd floor of Baker or check out their website .  UCM can receive non-perishable food donations M-F, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the blue … Continue reading Storm Relief
  • United Campus Ministry
    Welcome to the United Campus Ministry blog. This blog will be used to keep readers updated with what’s happening at UCM, including events, student organizations and fundraisers. Our mission is to engage the Ohio University and Athens communities in spiritual growth, work for social justice and community service guided by socially progressive and interfaith values. … Continue reading United Campus Ministry