The Ohio Benefit Bank helps low and moderate-income individuals gain access to government programs targeted to benefit them. If you qualify, you could be eligible for work supports such as home energy assistance, health insurance, childcare subsidies, FAFSA, and food stamps. You can complete the paperwork for these supports with the assistance of a trained counselor at a  registered OBB site, including UCM: Center for Spiritual Growth and Social Justice. All information exchanged during an OBB session is strictly confidential and sessions are quick, easy and painless!

Things to bring to an OBB appointment:
*Driver’s license or ID card

*Birth certificate IF available
*Rent or mortgage bill
*Recent heating bill
*Other recent utility bills
*1-4 recent pay stubs for each household member earning an income
*Estimated value of household assets
*Information about unearned income (child support, assistance, etc.) for each household member
*The social security number of each household member

For more information about OBB services at UCM, or to schedule a Tuesday appointment, call Shannon at (740) 464-7384 or email her at  Also, you can stop by Thursday Supper, served at 5:30 p.m. every Thursday, or Saturday Lunch, served at 1 p.m. every Saturday and ask for Shannon.

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