We launched a Sustainer Circle in 2010 to give donors the opportunity to commit to UCM’s future through multiple year pledging at a variety of levels. Contact us now to sign up to commit $5000, $1000, $500, $100 or the amount you feel able to donate for three years.

If you’re interested in supporting UCM with planned giving, a bequest, or a legacy gift, please contact Rev. Evan Young.

UCM hosts several fundraising events annually.

Kroger gift cards are available at UCM. A percentage of grocery and gas purchases with the Kroger card will go to UCM at no cost to you. Call or email for details and to obtain your card.

You may donate at anytime to UCM and can consider making an automatic monthly pledge with your credit card.

We Need You!

UCM depends on the generosity of our donors, who include alumni and community members and others who support our mission! Consider making a tax-deductible contribution today through our easy and safe PayPal feature (Coming Soon!)